Building a Digital Hub for CLA Church Members

We had the opportunity to work with Christian Life Fellowship in designing the User Interface that people connect with every sunday to find opportunities at the church, creating a database & pleasant experience for those that want to plug in.

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CLA - Church Hub


We worked with CLA going off of the updated branding guidelines from Ignition Industries. CLA wanted a coherant design language from their website to their iPad Hubs they have spread across all 5 campuses. These hubs were places new visitors could come & find out more information, sign up for newsletters or find out about new opportunities to serve.

It was also used for members to come & check on upcoming events and conferences they could Sign up using the app & attend. We also implemented a nifty giving section for people who needed to tithe or give an offering with a card could do so in a coherant environment.

CLA - Church Hub

Finding ways to help easily.

We helped the CLA team create a section of their app where new & old members could easily find a place to plug into the body of Christ & help out at the church, whether that be parking lot directing or helping out with the media production for the church.

Giving the user an easy & logical path to each category > position > application was something we worked on to expedite the process for those looking to help.

CLA - Church Hub
CLA - Church Hub

Find Events & Register

CLA church is a mulit-campus church and as such there are multiple events that go on which they wanted all of their members to be aware of & have access too.

We worked together both a calendar & list view for these events so that all the members can have a central hub where they can find details for events they want to attend.

CLA - Church Hub
CLA - Church Hub

Finished Product

We helped CLA provide an immersive member experience that synced perfectly with their new web & brand identity produced by Ignition Industries. They are now able to help their members connect with the congregation and the church needs seamlessly & with a pleasant User Experience.

Users are now able to find Volunteer Opportunities, Donate, Events & Connecting Points from the CLA Family.

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