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We had the pleasure of working with Meetrip.com out of Paris France, in order to design & implement their app on Native iOS & Android

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Meetrip.com is getting off the ground, implementiong a strategy often overlooked when putting together trips for large groups or family vacations. They have an extensive database of professional guides all over the world that can show you anything from the best spots to hit to the oft overlooked gems that most guidebooks don't point out.

We created a streamlined booking experience for users to find a tour either as they are about & about or to plan for the future. This is perfect for those of you who like to plan spontaneous trips but also want to see all the gems a certain locale has, you can book a tour months in advance, you can setup a meeting point right next to your accomodations or somewhere that is convienant for your group, then within the app you have an infrastructure to communicate directly with your guide to sort everything out right before getting started.

Meetrip App

Creating an Easy Flow to book tours

We knew we needed to make the booking process as easy & scaled down as possible, so that users could book easily on the fly, not having to plan & fill out a lot of information every single time.

We made both the booking process & leeway time while users wait for their guide as simple as possible, creating an Uber like timing mechanism where users are informed how long it will take for their guide to arrive.

Meetrip.com Tour Guide App
Meetrip App


Guide & Tour Details

Information is king when trying to plan trips on the fly or even when you have the time to sit & consider your options, that is why we created a system where users can find out the necessary information they need too in order to book tours & guides.

We included a small bio about the Guide in order to help users know who will be leading them around a specific city or monument. For tours we provided a detailed map of the route that would be covered by the tour along with usual starting times & locations.

Meetrip App
Meetrip App

Predictive Routes & Instant Booking

We designed the Meetrip framework to help users book tours on the fly! Without extensive planning or research etc. When people are traveling to a new locale, we wanted them to be able to book a tour or a tour guide immediately in order to not miss any of the great monuments or attractions around them.

Part of this system is based in the calendar section, which allows a user to Book Now, or plan a booking for a future time. Then you have an extensive filtering system in order to find the guide that best suites your need. From languages & specialties to having a car or allowing children, you can find the perfect guide for you and your group.

Meetrip Guide Backend Meetrip Guide Backend

Guide Backend of the App

We also designed the extensive backend for meetrip.com, which included booking management for guides, invoice, payments, schedule, profile etc.

We delved into the iOS guidelines to come up with a navigation system that would work well within the iOS framework but could still accomadate the amount of links we needed to provide.

Finished Product

The finished product is something to behold! A beautiful system designed for users & guides to move the travel sector forward into a new era of tour bookings & management.

Meetrip has also partnered with Cariboo to help offer local guides along with the professional guide network that Meetrip has in place. Meetrip has been featured in a number of News publications such as the New York Times, Tour Mag & Direct Matin.

Meetrip Guide Backend

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