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We had the pleasure to work with a startup out of New York City, creating an easy way for users to find fun boutique hotels in large cities, for those young professionals who want a staycation or those looking to live lux.

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Stayzi provides a curated source for boutique hotel or hospitality experiences in New York City, we came in and provided them with a modern, up to date UI/UX for their users to find their way around the web site & use their services.

We provided both front-end design & development, coding in Bootstrap & creating a custom theme for their developer to come in & hook up all the robust functionality up on the backend.

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Robust Filtering System

Finding a truly unique experience is something that is at the forefront of Stayzi's UX & core business principle. They wanted a modern, cutting edge design to be able to display their hardwork properly, they know having a functional product that doesn't work smoothly & look somewhat aesthetically pleasing wasn't going to cut it. Their beta didn't provide the results they were looking for.

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Explore anywhere in New York (and soon beyond)

Searching for an off-the-beat hotel in this historic city has never been easier. There are plenty of sites that allow you to find a place to stay. But Stayzi provides you with a unique experience in the Big Apple. You are able to search all sorts of amenities & features in the hotels easily.

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Find your perfect match

Want a Rooftop Bar? How about a hotel with a communal fireplace? Or for you fancy people what about an in-house spa? You can find one & all of those features through the search filters on Stayzi.

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Book an daycation as well

We worked with Stayzi in early 2018 to work on the rest of their strategy, which was to provide experiences for people on a day to day basis. From an all-day pass at a rooftop pool to full spa day at a 5-star hotel. You can book a day away in New York City, right on the Stayzi website.

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Finished Products

This project was one of those that was super fun for our team to tackle, working with Stayzi's backend development team, we designed the entire site in Sketch & then coded the front-end our selves in HTML/CSS using Bootstrap & passed it on for them to hook up the dynamic part themselves, we had flawless integration from design to development to handoff. A project we are extremely proud of & look forward to seeing Stayzi grow leaps & bounds in the future.

"We had a really great experience working with Kaleo. They completely understood our vision, and designed a great UX for our website. Kaleo was super responsive throughout the process, super efficient in completing the work, and overall a pleasure to work with. We're in the midst of launching the site now, and look forward to working with Andrew & his team again soon in the near future."

Sam N.
Co-Founder, Stayzi

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